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We were able to play rainbow six siege without any problems in the patch before the season that came with the new character. The uncertainty in the sounds with the new update. In the game, we encounter various problems such as lag, freezes. But the biggest thing we've come across and making the game unplayable is desynchronization. You might think of it as lag, but it's different. Although our ping values are close or equal, the screen that I see from the server side and the screen that the opposing player sees are different.

While I'm holding the door entrance, I die before the opposing player is seen through the door. But when I watch the death screen, the player appears from the door, comes in and shoots me.

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Hello everyone thanks for getting in touch and sorry we missed your initial post, it has been moved to our Player Support section now for assistance.

Lag and desync issues can arise from time to time due to a number of factors that could be from the player side, ISP side, or server side.

In order to rule out what is causing these issues with the game, we would like you to run through some troubleshooting steps to see if they can prevent this issue from happening in future. Please see our connectivity steps per platform here >>

PS4 - https://ubi.li/12soI
PS5 - https://ubi.li/JE6K7
Xbox One - https://ubi.li/6L9Js
XBSX/S - https://ubi.li/55G8e
PC - https://ubi.li/YPwnl

Should these troubleshooting steps not improve your connection to the game, please get in touch with us over a private support ticket so we can investigate this issue further >  https://www.ubisoft.com/help/contact

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