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I have been playing R6 for a couple of months now and unfortunately am suffering from a glitch at the moment and I am sure I am not the only one. The statistics are not updating on ubisoft website and am stuck on 75 matches played. Also the operator statistics are not working properly, with some operators saying that I have played 2 matches while in fact I have played 50+ with them as I keep track of the matches myself. To top it all off the trophies and achievements are not being rewarded. These are Back in the Day ATK, First Class Defence, Full Roster and Jack of all Trades. This is happening on PS4, PS5 and even Xbox, so it has to be a ubisoft issue but till now they have done nothing. Is there a way to escelate this issue together so maybe they will listen to us and fix it?

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Hello there @danielvella20, thanks for getting in touch about the statistics you see in Ubisoft Connect.

There can sometimes be up to a 24 hour delay for game statistics to update on the launcher, as the game needs to synchronize your progress with our launcher and servers.

This delay can sometimes also affect your Ubisoft Connect challenges/achievements.

If you have waited more than 24 hours for these statistics to update can you please tell us >

-The platform you play on
-The exact names of the statistics that have not been updated
-If you use the Ubisoft Connect mobile app, are the statistics also incorrect on the app?
-Do you have any videos or screenshots that would prove these statistics are incorrect?

If you can share these details with us, we will be happy to pass it on to the game team to investigate.