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As title, I was playing ranked match with my friends (5-man squad) in aisa pacific server just now around 2240-2300 (GMT+8). We managed to get to situation of 3-1, of our side winning. At somehow the very last minute of the game, my game crashed. I tried my very best to reopen the game in order to get back into the match to avoid penalties. It failed though. I entered the match right at the result session, which means the match just ended.
Is there anyway to have my rank back? As the penalties caused my rank dropped from gold to silver with over 100MMR deduction. That seemingly would cause me 3 to 4 consecutive wins to compensate my loss due to this technique issue.
I think I can provide crash log and the other information needed for my request. (Getting back the MMR) Please let me know if that is possible and hope for any bug leading to this problem would be fixed soon, as this issue seems happened quite often these days after the lastest update.
Thanks for attention!

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@yua-the-best Hey there, I am sorry to hear that you crashed and subsequently dropped a rank when your MMR was taken away. Unfortunately, Support is unable to alter a player's MMR, ran, or lift any temporary sanctions, as they are issued server-side by an automated system.

Can you please let us know if you received any specific error message or code when this crash happened?