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So i have had this problem since yesterday, where everytime the loading icon ends when entering a game, the game would crash to desktop.
I can bypass this problem only temporarily by restarting my computer, the problem disappears for ~6 hours or so, then i will have to restart again for it to work.
Any ideas as to how to fix it?
Thanks in advance.

Things i have tried:
- Verify game cache
- Turn settings down
- Deleting cache
- Underclock ram
18 days ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link
Hey there, welcome to the forums, and thanks for asking us about this - I'll be happy to advise.

It sounds like you've already done the verifying game files step from our troubleshooting guide, which is great! Please also make sure to you've updated your graphics drivers and operating system.

If it still doesn't work, let me know, and I'll have some other troubleshooting steps we can do. In that case, can you let me know if there is any error message at all with these crashes?