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So I recently came back to Siege after around a year or two away and I've been wanting to jump back in with my friends but for the last 2 days I've made it through either 3 or 4 rounds of an uranked match before being removed by BattleEye due to error code 4-0xFFF0BE25. I'm not using any kind of cheat software and I have tried to close anything on task manager that I could imagine messing with it. Even with just discord and the game open it boots me out of matches. It's really frustrating as I just activated a renown booster and now I'm suffering a renown penalty for 'leaving' my unranked games. Any ideas?

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Hi @frosty__102, thank you for coming to us here with this issue. I am sorry this error has been an issue during matches. Unfortunately, I'm afraid these penalties are issued server-side by an automated system and cannot be overturned. Have you received the 4-0xFFF0BE25 during multiple matches? If you have received numerous games with the same error code, I recommend following the steps from our guide here. Note that these steps are in no way suggesting any issues with your connection, but ensure there is no interference between the R6 services and your Internet Service. If this continues after exhausting all troubleshooting steps, players have claimed that changing the "UseProxyAutoDiscovery" value from 0 to 1 in the GameSettings.ini file resolved the issue for them. Usually, the location of the files is here >> (documents/My Games/Rainbow Six - Siege/*UserID*/GameSettings.ini). If you continue to run into the same errors after trying this workaround, please keep us posted by creating a support ticket with your gamesetting.ini file attached so we can continue to investigate this with you further. If any questions, please feel free to let us know!