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Curious if this is a widespread issue or maybe something wrong on my end. I've had my all of my operator uniforms and headgear un-equip themselves 3 times so far this season and rougly 50% of the portraits and backgrounds also un-equip. Most recently this happened 4 days ago, I tediously re-equiped everything, played one unranked game and came back to everything un-equiped again. I play on PC, I own the game through Steam so that is how I typically will launch it if that makes any difference.

Any suggestions? Would like to play with the skins again, however, do not want to waste my time equipping again for it to disappear! Thanks!

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Hey there @mr101722 and welcome to the Ubisoft Discussions!

I understand that your attached equipments reset themselves in R6S. To resolve this issue, I recommend completing the steps from this article, as it seems to fix this issue for most players in your situation!

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