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I have been struggling for the past week to fix the never ending issue of the game crashing. That would be no big as a problem than the fact that it doesn't let me reconnect to the game and i get banned over and over again. The error states that I have been removed from the session, all steps on forums and fixes from helpers are useless, the game is unplayable. It never lets me reconnect back to the game after crashing it, banning me over and over again. My issue might not even be listened to, as it seems no one responds online with other than "have you tried these fixes on our site related to connectivity?", which doesn't solve a single thing and everyone goes silent. It is unbearable to be banned 4 times in 5 days because the everyone will turn a blind eye to this issue that has been bothering so many players. I haven't found a single person with this issue that had it fixed and no one helps with anything than the connectivity link. Just got back into the game after a long while and I get banned 4 times because this problem of "You have been removed from the session" is not being looked into...

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Hey there @TheCreepyMorty , thanks for getting in touch about this. I understand you've faced a system crash, and I'll be happy to help you look into this. I'll need a little more information to see how best to help - can you answer the questions below for me?

Can you describe the system crash further? Did you have to force reset your machine? Did it blue-screen? Were any error messages or reports shown on your end at all?

You mentioned that you are having the same issue as @Kr0cc0 , which is an issue we were having a few months ago but which has now been resolved. Can you be specific about what has been happening when you try to relaunch the game and rejoin matches? Have you faced abandonment penalties or sanctions?

Please let me know if I can clarify any of this - I'll keep an eye out for your response, so I can get this looked into for you 🙂

Hey also to @Kr0cc0 - my sincerest apologies that we hadn't initially responded to your post. We do try to answer every post here in this forum, so I'm not sure how we've missed this one. What you've described sounds like an issue we'd managed to fix after receiving many reports of abandonment penalties, so I do hope the issue is resolved for you now. If not, please let me know, and I'll be happy to help further with this. Apologies once again, and let me know if you've got any questions 🙂