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I know how it sounds, but listen.
I played on my account for 64 levels. 2 months ago I stopped playing PC because of work.
Now I decided to start back in, and the first game, the first round, as the prep-phase began, I got banned. Weird was, that I got the screen that I got banned permanentely for cheating but I still was able to play another round. But in the second round, I finally got removed by battleeye and received my permanent ban. For what reason? I was not cheating, I never was and I didnt do any changes to my PC since I played the last time. What is this [censored]? I literally got banned after a 2 month break before the game even started. I got no words, please let us solve this.


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Sorry to hear that you have received a permanent ban. I am afraid we are unable to assist with bans over the forums.

Please contact us HERE we can then look into this further with you.

Thank you.