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So as of the new update, I've been experiencing tons of frame drops for seemingly no reason. I run my game on the same settings since I started playing it. Using a RTX2070 on high settings. Usually a constant 110 FPS with no issues. As of lately, no matter if I'm playing Training Grounds or online, my frames will drop randomly from 110FPS down to around 20/30FPS. I have reinstalled the game 2 times and rolled my drivers back 3 times, and even just downloaded the new driver today and still having the issues. I'm not having the issues in any other games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and even Escape from Tarkov. It truly seems like the newest update has ruined something, and I have no idea what to do. I've even put the game on the lowest settings and even turned on VSync and it still has frame drops for no reason. Please, if there is some way to fix this or if there can be some type of hotfix, I'd be so happy since I've been really wanting to play but it's almost impossible to at this point.
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Sorry to hear that's happening and thanks for trying some other driver versions already too. It could also possibly being caused if you have other programs or background processes running using a lot of CPU % or memory. Next time you experience it, have a look at your task manager and have a look at what you don't need running when playing the game and choose to end the task on those.

Then restart the game if you don't see an instant improvement and see if this has made a difference. Let us know if you notice any improvement from closing down anything specific.

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