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Yea Like I have said at the title the reactions of my keyboard and mouse are like 2-3 seconds later and its only in R6s

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@tapu_liam Hey there, sorry to hear you're having this issue with input lag! I would suggest first checking to see if your Graphics drivers need updates.

I'd also recommend checking out our PC Troubleshooting guide to see if any of these steps help.
If you're still having issues, at this point, I'd recommend that you reach out to our Support Team via our Support Website, Twitter DMs, or Facebook PMs with copies of your MSINFO and DXDiag and a description of the issue (you can even send a link to your post here). Once received, our teams will be able to look at your system files and be able to diagnose this with more accuracy for you.
If you're contacting through Social Media, please make sure to also include the username and email address associated with your Ubisoft account when making your ticket. Our teams there will have to link your account before you're able to upload your files. Thank you!