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My phone was broken months ago, so I asked Ubisoft support to disable 2-step authentication for me.
I did not reactivate 2-step authentication and a week later r6s told me my account was permanently banned.
My account was 7 years old and I do not use cheats in games.

I contacted battleye, they didn't answer me. Though the ban was not informed by battleye.
Ubisoft support just told me they won't unban me.

A player is banned because he disabled 2-step authentication.
I have my share of responsibility but this case is too obvious.

7 years old clean account > disable 2-step authentication > "caught cheating" > permanent banned

Punishing cheaters is good but how can you tell if the player is hacked?

I am not 100% sure whether my account was hacked or not.
If that was not the case then I don't know why this happened.
I have just played one game after disabling 2-step authentication, to check if I can login and play the game.
I didn't even play the game after that and one week later I was banned.

Ubisoft team don't have measure to handle this kind of situation.
Please unban my account.

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Hi @dirtylagwin apologies for the late response.

I am also sorry to hear that your Rainbow Six Siege account has been permanently banned.

I'm afraid that we are unable to assist with ban related issues via the forum. I understand that you have already been informed by Customer Support that the ban will not be overturned.

You can contact Customer Support again on one of the following support channels, however it is more than likely that you will receive the same response:

Support Ticket

As we are unable to assist you further via the forum, I will now lock this thread.

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