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It's obvious to say that year 4 and year 5 have been a disaster for the most part when it came to reworks. From theme park, to house (controversial), reworks have been removing personality from maps and turning them into simple and bland paintball arenas. The worst part is that the maps that actually need reworks aren't?! Oregon was probably the most balanced map before the rework and now it's become insanity. It's clear yoo-bee isn't planning on adding any new maps anytime soon with their 2 year trend of constant reworks. I propose that they instead rework maps that desperately need it. Y6 should definitely rework Tower, Fortress, Favela (mildly, and by that i mean by adding just a new pathway to top floor site and adding indestructible walls there, but not too many) and especially BARTLETT. Bartlett had huge potential for it's unique layout of the library site, but it desperately needs a rework due to the spawnpeeks and ways into the actual building(virtually 2 ways). The dining room wall facing outside should be destructible or have a door. These little tweaks would be great because its obvious the players hate BIG reworks like hereford or oregon where you alter the aesthetic of the map significantly. The good thing about small reworks/buffs for these less popular maps is that the meta doesn't have an effect on it YET. Bartlett hasn't been played in casual for years now so the meta simply does not exist for it. When it comes to tower, people tend to just leave half the time before they even start round 1. This gives the developers the opportunity to hotfix the small issues with the map (like what was done on kafe in kitchen) but keep everything else the EXACT (huge emphasis on this) same to capitalize on pre-existing map knowledge. On kafe, the windows were the exact same (except prep) and everything else was super familiar, the only time the whole community enjoyed a rework.
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I like some of the proposed ideas here!

The community as a whole seems fairly mixed on which maps "Actually need it" which has been a bit of a point of confusion. For instance, most folks agree on Tower and Skyscraper, but Favela and Fortress still remain hotly debated. The house rework is also getting some really mixed reviews, some people loving it, some not so much. In general, when you think of a "good" rework, what kind of elements do you look for?

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