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I was banned recently for a 48 hour sanction on ranked and unranked play due to an issue that affected the entire server I was in. Before I disconnected, I watched the player count drop from 5 vs 5 to 3 vs 2. After I was disconnected my friend said the player count dropped from 3 vs 2 to 2 vs 1. Am I really going to have to wait 48 hours to play the game because of an issue I had no control over? I tried restarting my game twice and pressed the reconnect button around 30 times before I got the sanction, I tried until the last second I could to get in and now because of an issue that wasn't just affecting me, but affecting the entire server I was in, I'm not able to play? Is there some way to get this resolved?
22 days ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link
Hey Kornflaek, welcome to the forums, and thanks for posting about this. That sounds really frustrating to have received a ban after a disconnect, and I'll be happy to advise you.

We make sure to keep a very close watch over our servers, and announce any outages. We've not had any reports of any problems over at least the last several days, so I'm not able to explain how so many people seemed to disconnect from your game at the same time, but I can confidently say that it's not something we'd expect to be caused by our server.

As such, I'd recommend making sure to check out our connectivity guide. In particular, from that article, please remember to reset your network hardware, switch to a wired connection (if possible, and if you aren't already), and work with your ISP to enable UPnP, forward the listed ports, and make sure your NAT is open.

We're not able to overturn the ban, but if you continue to experience connection issues, we'll be able to help you get them resolved, so let us know if they persist after the above connectivity steps