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I recently came back to R6 to play with my friends, and I noticed my rewards were bugged. I fixed most of them by redeeming them again, but one of them is still bugged and it�s the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier weapon skin for the operator, �Ash�. I still have GRFS on my game library on Xbox and I even have the achievement you get for completing the first mission of the game, and it�s still bugged. I just need someone to help me with this small problem.
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Hey xDubstepDropsx! My apologies for this inconvenience. This is currently mentioned on our list of known issues, so I can assure you that the team is actively investigating this further! Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

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CURRENT ISSUES You do not receive units when leveling up your profile Currently you will not earn Units when you earn XP and level up your profile. We're working on resolving this issue as soon as possible and you will receive the Units you've earned during this period at a later date. Status: Issue found and the team is working on a fix. Some Rainbow Six Siege rewards unavailable Some Rainbow Six Siege rewards with specific claiming conditions (owning other games, time/event limited)