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t hunt is broken because the terrorist dont have recoil and dont have gun sounds so you cant hear them and they shoot you dead and they dont have recoil so they just shoot you and dont have to aim they have to fix it and maybe add the bombers or the nitro rooms because right not thatcher is completely useless and so is jackel if they cant do that can they have them get down so you can learn how to use cav
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Thanks for your post about this R4MIN - sorry to hear you didn't get the boosted renown you'd expected.

To look into this, we'd need to take a closer look at your account. We're not able to do that from here on the forums, since we'd need to do some verification steps, for data protection reasons. As such, I'd like to invite you to get in touch with us by one of our direct channels, linked below.

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Apologies that I can't help more directly, but I'm confident my colleagues on those teams can help with this