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There is aim acceleration when you play with a controller in this game and you cannot turn it off. What is it? Aim acceleration adds a delay that progressively speeds up until your aim reaches max speed. So with aim acceleration, when you slam the stick all the way in, the rotation starts slower at first then gradually speeds up to the max speed. When you have it off, your aim reaches full speed instantaneously.
Acceleration is baked in both classic and updated presets and cannot be turned off. What’s even more [censored] up is that the acceleration is much stronger in updated option, this is why you may feel like the updated curve is much slower and sluggish compared to the classic even if they both share the same speed at 100%. Try slamming the stick al the way and updated will still be slower when flicking because the flick duration isn’t long enough for the rotation to fully accelerate to the maximum speed.

We need to be able to turn it off.

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@samurizing Hey! Thank you for getting in touch about Aim Acceleration in Rainbow Six: Siege. We are sorry to hear that you have not had a good experience with this and will gladly pass your feedback and suggestions on.

If you need anything else please let us know.

Thank you.

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