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Banned for 24hrs due to siege server problem with no option of reconnecting. This is the second time that this happend to me. Just 2 days ago, i recieved a 2hr ban for siege server problem(same as this time), where the server kicked us one by one. This is unacceptable. I need someone to take a look at this and revoke the ban because i cant be the one to blame for ubisoft servers. Disable ban penalties while you have issues with servers going on.

Match ID: 7d80e248-ec72-445a-88eb-08c2b9be59a3

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@stetopravljac Hey there! I am very sorry that this happened, and I appreciate the information you've given me so far. Can you please also let me know which server you're playing on? We're investigating similar reports, and I'd like to add your information to our team's investigation. Thank you in advance, and my apologies again.

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@ro66o22 @StetoPravljac Thank you both for providing this information to me. I've added it to our team's investigation. When there is an update to this issue, it will be posted here on our News & Announcements page, as well as the game's Twitter. Your patience in the meantime is much appreciated.

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