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Recently I added a second monitor on my setup and started playing the game on borderless to see both monitors same time. )one for gaming and other for browsing etc..) but when I go to use my second monitor the game is locked to 20 fps on background. can i lock it 60 or 120 fps?

7 days ago - Ubi-Nacho - Direct link

@bay_lenin Hello there!

Sorry to hear about this FPS drop when using your second monitor.

Would you be able to tell us if this issue stops if you play R6S in fullscreen, or does this restrict your use of the other monitor? Can you also tell us if both monitors are set to the same refresh rate?

We'd also like to recommend taking a look at performance troubleshooting steps here. We'd advise against running other applications or videos whilst playing, to help give you the best performance, where possible.

Thank you.