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A week ago(2021.11.11) i was permanently banned in Rainbow Six: Siege for toxic behaviour without any warning message.This is my FIRST unfaivor ban in my life. I am trying to appeal because i think that this is unfair for me. I always was impressed how this game combine so much differnt cultures, nations, racial diversity, and operators with different sexual orientation. I always fight against injustice, toxic and negative atmosphere in game. Just look at this screenshot, for last two weeks i have helped for Dev-team banning realy 3 toxic players because they harass me and my team.

I am always watching for friendly atmosphere in game chat. But now i was banned too and this is so hurt for me. I am lived for this game, create content for my friends, but now i lost all my progress.I have made just ONE mistake(idk for what i was banned maybe players provoked me or harassed) and it is so strict penalty for me. U will ask why? Because security team never uses warning messages, i have never get it on my email but they said that i breached code of conduct too much times. U should use warnings and players will think twice before breach the code of conduct. But u use so strict ban system. I know that we(players) can appeal this bans but in 99% it is waste of time, because support team never give u chance for redemption if u not a popular streamer or youtuber.

Pls dev-team review this system because players just create new acc and as a resulte toxic players playing again.Why not ban permanently chat for toxic players, yes they can continue play but he will not have a chance to communicate and there is a chance that he never become smurf or harass smbd.And it isnt safely atmosphere.Nowdays there is a one way - buy game twice. Pls use warning masseges, ban chat for example but not online mode. Also i want to bring my apologies if i hurt someone in-game process.But i promiss that i never do it again. Pls let me be a better part of Siege community again. I am for a better ubisoft.

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@haytham-kenway Hey! Thank you for getting in touch about your permanent ban in Rainbow Six: Siege and thank you for the image.

We understand that being banned is frustrating and if you wish to appeal it you will need to do so via a support ticket here not on the forums, please.

I am happy to pass your feedback about the banning system on to the development team. Please be aware that we can only accept feedback about bans here on the forums, it is not possible to appeal them.

Thank you and if you need anything else please let us know.

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