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I recently got a new pc and I have been getting disconnected halfway through every single match I have played. Sometimes the first and second match I have no problems but every single match after that I get disconnected with the code [2-0x0000C015]. I have tried everything that ubisoft has told me to do on their website and I have also watched youtube videos on how to fix it such as changing my DNS or checking my antivirus and verifying game files.

I did'nt have this problem on my old computer but now I get this error every game I play and it is a pain. If anyone has a fix please help, I like playing siege but if this keeps happening I will just quit.

There are also a few other letters and numbers right after the error code if you need those.
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Hey OldMateTerry, welcome to the forums! New PC HYPE But disconnections sure sound frustrating, so I'll be happy to help.

It sounds like something with your new system is interfering with your connection - did your network setup change at all? For example, did you change to a wireless connection, or have different network security software installed on the old system?

It sounds like you've already seen it, but please make sure to have a look at our connectivity guide, being sure to follow the resetting network hardware, going wired if possible, checking for conflicting programs (like firewalls, in addition to the antivirus programs you'd checked for), and working with your ISP to make sure your router is set up according to our guidance in the article.

If it is still happening, come back and let me know - I'll have further troubleshooting steps in that case.