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hi everyone i bought rainbow six siege on steam a day ago and when i tried launching it there was this error: Β "UPC.EXE error - 'File corrupted! This program has been manipulated and maybe it's infected by a Virus or cracked. This file won't work anymore"

if anyone know how to fix this pls let me know cause i cant play the game this error pop up every time i launch it.

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Hi there @ItamarDaPro1! I'd like to look into this further and help if I can. To remedy the error message that you're seeing, let's go ahead and start with a clean reinstall of Ubisoft Connect. While this issue may very well be fixed by reinstalling Ubisoft Connect, these additional troubleshooting steps will eliminate most common causes of launching/technical issues and will save time. If needed, please take the time to work through these as well:

  • Confirm Ubisoft Connect and Siege are installed on the same drive as your OS
  • Unplug non-essential peripherals (VR equipment, additional monitors, cameras, etc.)
  • End unnecessary background processes via Task Manager (Overwolf, LGHub, MSI Afterburner, Razer/Synapse, etc.)
  • All of the steps in this FAQ article

Once everything has been completed successfully if this error shows up again, please attach your MSInfo and DxDiag files to the support case that you have open for this issue. I'd like to review those two system files just in case anything else stands out after we have tackled all of the suggested troubleshooting steps. Thank you!πŸ”₯