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I put in a case for helping me link a different Xbox account since for some reason I had a Xbox account linked to my pc account. After a month I finally got an answers and I was able to get the Xbox account linked to my Ubisoft account. Now when i log on to my pc or my Xbox account all my old 7+ year Xbox progress is gone, I owned almost all elites and spent over 400 dollars on this Xbox account and its gone. I log into my Xbox and went on R6 and its the same as my pc. I need help. I want all my Xbox progress back, please someone help.

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Hey @omassi_ ,

Thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear you're missing content in-game.

To allow us to look into this further, please could you update your previous case if you haven't done so already?

We'll be more than happy to take another look into this there.

Thank you!