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so a few days ago I was trying to do the crossprogession on Ubisoft but i was pretty confused on how to do it and the account I wanted to keep my old psn account and so the only way i logged in was thru psn. so my mistake was i unlicked my psn to my 5 year account and now my 5 year account i cant log in because the email i assigned to it does not work and i made a case and such my the reply times are so long and i want to see if anyone else can help. nut if anyone can help the user is # rumplyreaper

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Hey @Doxxy___! Sorry to hear you've encountered this issue around your accounts.

We are unable to cover this particular case through the forums. Could you please reach out via DM on our Twitter/Facebook @UbisoftSupport or alternatively through our Support Website?

We can then further look into this for you. Apologies for the inconvenience caused!