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I don't know how can Ubisoft manage to screw something up every single time they patch the game. Now me and my friends (and from what I've read, other people too) cannot ping. At times, we can place normal yellow pings but not pings on gadgets, some other times we can ping enemy gadgets, but we cannot ping. Or, to say it better, we can hear the noise of the ping being placed, but we can't see it, nor those of other players. We play on PlayStation, but I assume it's the same everywhere. Not to mention the broken pass challenge progression, too. I've had the challenge to kill 5 people with explosives stuck at 1 for ages, even though I have killed way more than just 5! Please, for the love of everything, if you are unable to balance the game properly (buffing Ash was idiotic), at the very least keep it bug free.

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Hey there @ChainedHawk,

I understand you're unable to ping utilities and other players in R6S. Please be assured this issue has been forwarded to our dev team, who is currently looking into it. Should they need more information, we will get back to you 😊