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I disconnected from a ranked match after I couldn't do anything, wasn't recieving input, I couldn't move or look around and after resolving the issue [restarted my pc] I loaded seige to find a 24 hour ban, what can I do about this ludicrous ban time for something out of my control?

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Hello @dimondminecar7 thank you for getting in touch with us and sorry to hear of your recent 24hr abandon sanction.
We are unable to lift any temporary abandon sanctions from disconnections as we do not have the ability to do so, this is solely managed by the game.
The length of your ban will vary depending on if this is a first offence, or if you have encountered several disconnections in a short space of time.
If you received a certain error code when you disconnected, can you please check our known error codes article to see what may have caused your disconnection, here > https://ubi.li/85k9w