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So I load into my final game of the morning beforeI get up and get ready for work. I win the game after a 4-2 win and get to the bonus credits etc. I then claim my things and go into the main screen, here is the problem. I then quit the game about 2 minutes after being sat in the main lobby and when I log back onto ubisoft 4 hours later on my lunch break I have a 24 hour long ban. Is there any way this can be sorted cos that is really annoying.

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Hiya @JackoMaster18, and greetings to the forums. My apologies for the issues encountered after leaving matchmaking in R6 Siege. Penalties that are issued are handled through the server side by an automated system and cannot be overturned, unfortunately. I am sorry for the annoyance this has been, but to check out what happened before closing the game, could you tell us if you ran into any error messages in-game when canceling matchmaking or when receiving the abandonment penalty?