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Hey all, ive been having trouble with regards to logging into my ubisoft account on my new pc. I get an alert stating: "There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product. Please contact customer support if you need help solving this problem". There's a few factors, 1. Im still linked to my PS4 account (with ubisoft) and im afraid if i unlink i could lose my account and progress of the game that i;ve played for around 6+ years now. I love this game and it was one of favourites growing up. 2. Could steam be bugging up? ive logged in and out of steam, deleted and reinstalled r6s and still having the same alert pop up. 3. It's been 4+ days and im losing my patience with the customer support. I completely understand that Ubisoft has hundreds of messages per day but im really getting agitated.
But if one of you guys reading this could help me it would literally mean so much to me/

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@vRoosty Hey there! Welcome to Discussions!

I'm sorry that you are seeing this authentication error when trying to play. This error can happen when the game is activated on one Ubisoft account, but your Steam is linked to an entirely different Ubisoft account that the game was not activated on. You can check out our guide here.

I can see that you have already created a case and we responded recently requesting further information to help investigate this. Please update your case with that requested information when you have the time, and an agent will respond as soon as possible. Thanks!

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