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I know there are already "fixes" for connectivity issues when playing R6S. However, mine is a little different to what the solutions are suitable for.

I live in a household of 8 people -- 2 parents and 5 siblings. My parents, being a little on the controlling side, won't let me complete any of the actions that are presented in the Solutions for Connectivity Issues. In addition, I seem to be the only person in the house who experiences these connectivity issues, despite there not being a problem with my computer hardware. My issue is that my internet connection appears to spontaneously combust every now and then, which as you could imagine is a little annoying for someone attempting to play an online tactical shooter, and *especially* if this means he gets punished with a temp ban and the loss of MMR for something he can't control (and this is excluding the fact I was top of the leaderboard for my team). My issue isn't that I am being banned from the game temporarily, but that I am losing the MMR that I constantly work for in games the moment my router decides it's in a bad mood.

My solution:
Implement a system where the game can detect *how* the user has disconnected from the game. The game already does this when it detects AFK players and *should* also be able to do this with players that lose connection due to a genuine internet connection problem that they can't control.

I understand that people are also likely to try and avoid the loss of MMR when they want to quit the game by manually disconnecting their device from the internet. The fix to this would be to further separate the cause of the disconnect from the manual removal of a plug from a socket (or manually tabbing out of the game to disconnect from the internet), and an automatic and spontaneous loss of connection.

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@talyn-w Hi there.

Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts on R6S disconnect systems. Sorry to hear that your internet connection is sometimes a little temperamental, sometimes resulting in a loss of MMR.

We can certainly pass your comments here on to the game team for consideration. We appreciate all feedback and suggestions that could help us improve the player experience, and in this case could help unessiary MMR loss. We would encourage you to share any future thoughts through the R6S reporting tool here too.

Please be in touch if there's anything more we can do.

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