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From the start of the week with the new halloween event I cant get my weekly quests reward because they do not count. The tasks like "Kill 15 people in casual game with a rifle" or "Win 3 rounds with any GSG9 char" simply do not count in my ubisoft weekly tasks, so I cant even earn enough of renew for a new themed packs (And I want atleast a new Goyo head so much). Hope I'll get an answer soon.
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I'm sorry to hear your challenge progress isn't counting. You can also try logging in directly to the website to see if the Challenge progress is showing there.

If your progress is still not counting towards the reward, we would need you to provide any screenshots or videos that will make this clear and to contact us through a support ticket / live chat for this here.

You can also private message us on Twitter or Facebook if you prefer, and we can link that chat into a support ticket.

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