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Hello, I'm from central asia and nearest server to me is Central EU server. On which i have around 70-80 ping, which is quiet playable. But the thing is, most of the time i'm connecting to the West EU server, which is literally unplayable. Bc me and my friends has ~130 ping on this server. And it really hard to play on this server. Furthermore, since vector glare operation i have a massive jitter problem on BOTH SERVERS. I literally cant understand how this happened, because i've been playing siege since y4s1 and i had no such problem. So, i understand that asking you to repair your servers is something outer space, but Ubisoft, i beg you. Let me choose the central eu server in the gamesettings, PLEASE, i cant play on west eu server anymore, its pain in the [censored].😥 😥 😥

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Hey @Crush.4f and welcome to the Ubisoft Discussions!

I understand you wish to manually select a datacenter on Rainbow Six: Siege, as you're experiencing high ping on the server you're currently on. To do so, you can follow the steps describes in the article!

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