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My Rainbow No. 6 was stolen 86 days ago, and the thief played 2 rounds of the game, one round was ranked, and the other was banned after a leisure round.
(Reason: Malicious behavior is banned) My account was 91 days ago and I have not logged in or played any games afterwards. I implore Ubisoft customer service to give a fair treatment. As a Rainbow 6 player, I have not had any bad behavior for 5 years, ( Note: ⚠️The reputation of the game has been brushed, which is about 100,000-150,000 but this is my favorite of the game) After waiting for nearly 91 days and several emails without reply, please and hope that Ubisoft official can do it Give me a fair reply! (Provides a screenshot of the email when the Steam account was stolen and a screenshot of the conversation with Steam)


October 5, 2021/

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@tag_und_nacht Hey! Sorry to hear that your account was stolen. I am afraid that this is not something we can assist with over the Ubisoft Forums.

Please reach out to us in a support case: https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/Cases/New

we can then look into this further with you.

Thank you.

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