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When I launch the Vulkan version of the game, even though render scaling is at 100%, it lists the scaled resolution under graphics as 1152p instead of the set 1440p under display.

It also causes my frames to tank every 3 seconds while playing to about 20fps and after another 3 seconds it goes back to normal to start the cycle again, when I run a benchmark however it doesn't show this dip at all and says it's 220fps average with the minimum not going below 200fps. This is fixed when I disable my second monitor in the windows settings, however I'd rather not disable my monitor every time I want to play Siege.

Everything is fine however when I launch the normal version of the game.

I'm running Siege on an RTX 2080 with a AMD Ryzen 2700x and 32GB of RAM, so it's not a weak hardware issue. This also didn't happen previously, it started somewhere recently because I remember playing with Solis when the battlepass exclusive expired and I didn't have this problem back then.

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Hey there @Semi-Senioritis,

Thanks for reaching out, apologies for the delay and to hear you're experiencing performance issues.

How are you getting on with this?

Have you attempted any troubleshooting steps since this began, including verifying the game files too?

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