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Accidentally closed out of R6S in an attempt to close out of Spotify whilst beginning my Twitch Stream. Absolutely 0 chance of reconnecting as I attempted to open the game as quickly as humanly possible, however by the time I got the chance to reconnect I assume that my teammates cancelled the match which resulted in me receiving my first ever abandon penalty sanction which is completely and utterly unfair. I am able to provide a clip of said incident if need be as it is on my Twitch channel - however this is such an unfair situation as I did everything in my ability to reconnect and play the game though still received a ban and degradation of my Reputation status. I have excellent internet and it has nothing to do with my connection to the server as I've seen stated on multiple others' posts inquiring about the same thing. I will wait for an official response as this is just unfair that one is not able to reconnect on time, resulting in a ban. I have been with Ubisoft for 6 years and this is how I am treated for a complete accident?

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Hey @Locate

The abandonment sanction will apply to anyone regardless as it can't tell the difference if you accidentally exited the game or not. We are unable to remove temporary bans in any circumstances unfortunately.