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While I was in a ranked match, the servers of the game crashed, I stayed 1 vs 1, I won, the situation became 3 to 1, then everyone started to connect again in turn. I claim my lost MMR and my winning MMR.As a result, while I was winning and very close to winning, I couldn't get the minimum 40 MMR I should have gotten because the game crashed, so I lost another 40 MMR because I was kicked out of the game, canceled and banned, and it caused me to lose 89 MMR, please help with my problem.
18 days ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link
Hi there Keenact, thanks for your posts about this. It certainly sounds very frustrating to be disconnected, so I'll be happy to advise you.

Ubi-Tiger is absolutely correct - we're not in a position to rescind temporary bans, or make MMR adjustments. Furthermore, we've not had any reports of any issues with our servers over at least the past few days. As such, I'd like to echo Ubi-Tiger's advice to check out our connectivity guide, particularly resetting your networking hardware, switching to a wired connection where possible, and working with your ISP to make sure you've got your router set up in the way we suggest in the guide.

If you still run into connection issues, please reach out to us again via social media or our support site - our team will be able to help you run further tests.