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I Redownloaded the game after a few months, as soon as I run it, an error comes up with code 17003 but nothing talks about this code anywhere. Tells me Ubisoft Connect doesn't have sufficient privileges, invalid data, and issues connecting to services.

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Helo @astrodaddi thank you for getting in touch with us and providing this error code.

If the error message says that Ubisoft Connect does not have privileges, it may be you need to run the game launcher and games .exe file as administrator, and your anti-virus or Windows Firewall may be blocking the launcher or game from connecting online.

To check this, can you please follow the following guide and steps contained within, to rule a few possible causes out >

After running through all of the steps in the guide, please check your anti-virus software using the following steps >

- Check any Anti-virus software you may have installed on your computer, in case the game is blocked from launching or connecting online and make sure the game or any supporting software for the game is not quarantined or blocked

- Check your Windows Defender settings to make sure the game is not blocked from launching or connecting online > 
Open Windows Settings > Search for 'Virus & threat protection' > Protection History > then check for any recent blocked items or files

-Next, open Windows Settings > Search for 'Windows Defender Firewall' > Select 'Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall' > 'Allow another app' > Add the game and any of its supported software to your accepted apps