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Helo,Uplay,I'm a Rainbow six siege player form China,I like the role of Azami very much.Some time ago, I heard that INNA was going to produce a skin about the mechanical era, and I suddenly got inspiration. May I ask if you know the cartoon of the Chainsaw man, the cartoon is very popular all over the world, I' m also a fan of this anime. When Ifirt saw Azami, I thought of he role of Marchma,both hairstyle and standing posture are very similar. So I hope you can consider the linkage skin of Azami, I believe this skin will explode and bring huge profits, I sincerely hope that you will consider my proposal. I will always support Rainbow six siege, and I also hope your games can be better and better.. The following is a coparison picture I provided, you can refer to.THANKS

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Hello @YH-Ada thanks for getting in touch with us and sharing your observations on the game and this anime.

I will move this thread to our player General Discussion section of the forum as a feedback and suggestion topic.

If you have any more feedback about the game, please make sure to post this in our General Discussion area of the forum to discuss this further with other players, as the Player Support section is used for bug reporting and technical issues, thanks again!