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It's starting to [censored] me off because of these kinds of problems. 1-2 games go down and then the latency starts to jump from nothing. After that, the game crashes and the message from Bugisoft comes saying "Oh, we are very sorry for the crash, please send us this problem and we will solve it" [censored] message... I restart the game and get a 48 hour ban... already the umpteenth time. .. Well, you can go to you know where... Lots of money goes into the game and that's what you get.... Before you show off! The PC and the Internet have been tested several times! Everything is perfect! So your problems are not mine! Well, solve it, please! Thanks

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Hello @The_Sisu, thank you for your post.

We are aware of these lag, then freeze crashes affecting our Siege players on PC after the recent update and our dev and QA team are looking into this issue now.

Our QA team have asked us to find out what Windows version everyone is using as they believe it may be connected.

Could everyone please press the Windows logo key + R, then type winver into this Run tool, and select OK >> The info should look something like this > Version 21h2 (OS Build 19044, 1889)

This is the information we need at the moment to pass onto our Siege team.

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