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Good day, I have issue with letency. Everytime I play R6, it happens in the second game from the start of the game. The first game is clear and everything works perfectly but when i start another is starts laging and its unplayable and i need to restart the whole ubisoft connect. Reinstall didn't help. Can you help me somehow? Its really anoying.

Thank you

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Hello @K3sandro sorry to hear you are experiencing latency whilst playing on PC.

This issue could be caused by hardware, software or your connection to the game's servers.

I would recommend going through the following steps to help rule out a few things that may be causing you latency >

  1. Troubleshooting article to improve performance > https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/Article/000062514/
  2. Troubleshooting for connection issues > https://ubi.li/YPwn

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