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Today I tried to play a ranked match but once I joined I discovered that I had a mouse glitch where I can't move my player camera because my mouse wasn't locked. I told my teammates about the glitch and that I have to rejoin the game but despite that, they canceled the game. For which I received the penalty, lost 199 MMR, and got a lost match added to my statistics. Is there any way to remove that match from my statistics?

12 days ago - UbiSushiVamp - Direct link

Hello, @justgekto! I am sorry to hear that your game was cancelled due to your mouse no longer moving. We do not have a way to remove a match from your statistics, I do apologize for the frustration this has caused you.

If you seem to notice the mouse issue happening more often, please try this troubleshooting guide to test if it helps with this. Thanks!