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I have I have received several bans in the past month for disconnecting from games. Each of these bans have been from a Ubisoft glitch that forces a timeout. I play on xbox one. Each time this happens I notice I or my team am making a soft wall rotate and the last sound I hear is soft destruction. Then my audio cuts out and then my game freezes. I am not forced back to any loading screen and the game does not recover. I simply have to restart the game and try to reconnect. This affects my games, rank, and enjoyment immensely. I simply cannot play this game anymore and have loved it for such a long time. Cannot believe this is why I am leaving this game.

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@gcolorblind Hi there, apologies for the troubles caused when trying to play Rainbow Six Siege. I understand this can be a frustrating situation, especially during ranked. This is something that the team is currently aware of and investigating further. We will be keeping everyone posted once we have further updates to share, so please stay tuned to our social media channels in the meantime. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding while the team looks into this.


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