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I have just being playing a ranked game, around 4 rounds in everyone in the server suddenly started getting 500 ping and the game was unplayable, after the round ended and we moved to operator selection screen some people were kicked, my friend was removed for something related to battleye some enemies were kicked also. When the timer ran down for selection almost everyone was facing the R6 loading symbol on their operator symbol and the round wouldn't start. After a while I was also kicked by battleye and couldnt reconnect due to some connection error, my friend got the exact same thing, still couln't join after I restarted my game. Around 5 minutes after my other friend who hadn't been kicked (we were in a 3 stack) started playing in the round and the lagging stopped, however he said it was only a 2v2 at that point after our team of 2 ended up winning the game from surrender me and my friend got an abandon penalty, also a loss of MMR for no reason in our capability. I am sick of having issues with R6 where I lost MMR due your server issues so I decided I should make an request for help for once, I believe my MMR should be reset back to before or have added MMR for the match win due to the unfair deduction. My uplay name is: Roadie.
25 days ago - Ubi-Karl - Direct link
Hey Roadie.,

Thanks for reaching out to us, welcome to forums and I am sorry to hear about the issue you and everyone in that game encountered.

So that we could review this a little more in detail, could you possibly advise us the following:

1. What platform are you playing on?
2. What server are you connected to?

I have reviewed our records and can see that we had a degradation around the time of your contact, which may have been possibly the reason for this to happen.