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So an idea came up from another idea, Activation/Blizzard made an Anti cheat If you shoot dummies you'll be Investigated, Why not do the same thing? Why not Add Fake "Live" Dummies around the map even invisible ones maybe ones that would move left right or go a certain pattern, it would be interesting to see on the replay on why would you wall bang or shoot there, it'll throw them off it would be an effective thing towards cheater and also a nuisance because they wont know what's real or not. Also They Have To be Randomized.

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@elsicario13 Hey! Thank you for getting in touch with this idea. Personally, I like the concept of this and will gladly forward it on to the game team.

@Slyrr7 Rest assured your feedback on the game team is valued and we will also pass this on. Apologies for the experience you have had with the game so far.

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