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I have recently downloaded Rainbow six siege and have come back to a broken account. My account level has been reset to 0 500 hours AT LEAST of game time is missing from statistics along with rewards and challenges that have all been completed some years ago at this point. 0 renown and only 8 operators are now accessible where as before I had majority. When I click on the operator all previously owned weapon camos and operator skins that I have grinded hours for are still equipped on the operator even tho the game says I do not own them. There are multiple ways to prove that I am not lying and had all of this on my account before such as r6 tracker, Ubisoft connect claiming I have 500 hours played yet haven’t even put up 5 barricades yet (one of the challenges) multiple videos of my own, the platinum trophy on the PlayStation as well as multiple witnesses that I played the game with.
I really would like to play siege again but restarting from level 0 with no operators is heartbreaking after the minimum 1000 hours I have put into grinding this game.
Any help is appreciated.

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Hello @ziyadboss,

Thank you for reaching out however I have had to remove some details from your post.

Please be aware that the Ubisoft Discussions are a public forum and posts can be viewed by anymore.

With this in mind, please take care to never share any personal details in any posts, such as your email address.

In regards to your case, we are a lot busier than usual across all of our support channels, at this time while we work on getting back to everyone, we kindly ask that you remain patient at this time and we'll respond to your case as soon as we can.

Thank you for your understanding!