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Hello. I have encountered this issue before and i couldn't fix it and I still cant. when i buy welcome packs it works but r6 credit packs it doesn't.
So if you look here this is what i get and i don't get the steam overlay in this photo steam and rainbow six siege are both run as administrator.

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Hello @Refrusy , thank you for getting in touch about your attempted credit purchase.

We have activated a 24-hour delay for players when they are attempting to make multiple purchases in a short space of time. In this instance, you may receive an email from Ubisoft advising you of this delay or see a message saying 'Please try again later' - In this case, we would advise waiting a full 24 hours before attempting another purchase

If you are still having trouble purchasing credits after a full 24 hours, please check the following steps, to rule out a few possible causes of this purchase issue > 

FIX 1: If using a VPN, please disable this before making a purchase, please make sure to also use the correct currency for your location

FIX 2: Make sure your game has been fully updated and your game launcher

FIX 3: When attempting the purchase, have you selected the correct payment method, and have you ticked the 'terms of purchase' options if any are displayed?

FIX 4: Are you able to purchase any other credit amounts at all, or are all credit amounts not working for you?

FIX 5: Delete your temporary cache files in your game launcher, that may be using up memory and causing issues with this purchase >
Ubisoft Connect > https://www.ubisoft.com/help?article=000061966
Steam > https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/6AD7-820D-8BE5-E51F

FIX 6: Instead of using the in-game store, please purchase from our Ubisoft Store website. These credits will be available in all PC versions of the game, Connect, Steam and Epic >  https://store.ubi.com/