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I've submitted a ticket about getting my Xbox account changed over to my pc/steam account. The error that shows up when i log into my ubisoft connect account on steam that has my xbox and steam linked to says, " There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product." Support seems to have gone M.I.A on my ticket..is it even worth the hassle? I have sent in my steam ID, proof of purchase on steam and the receipt for the deluxe version I bought on the series x early last year and hell, i might even send a picture of the Xbox one game disk i still have lol. I just want my account and all the operators and items I've unlocked over the years on PC.

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@MattKB1982 Currently we have not released any updates for cross-progression. I would be happy to share this with our team, however, so be sure to keep an eye on our social media for any updates. Illium.png

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Hellooo! There is currently no cross progression across platforms, however, there is cross-gen saving between PS4/PS5 and Epic/Steam.

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Originally posted by DMNMogly

Are there plans to expand cross save/cross progression from console to PC/PC to console? There's plenty of people who would buy the game twice if they could bring their progress.

We're still investigating this! Yeah absolutely, it's something we hear quite often and we're looking to see if it's possible.

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Hey there @cceynar, unfortunately, what you are trying to do is not possible.

The reason you are getting an Authentication Error is that you can only activate a PC copy of Rainbow Six Siege on one account. Moving the game from the account would completely erase all in-game progress, permanently.

A one-on-one support agent will be able to give you some more specific advice regarding what we can do about getting your accounts linked up, but you will not be able to do so without losing the inventory and stats from one account or the other.

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@cceynar Hi there! Just to confirm, were you able to find the Ubisoft account that has your PC copy of the game activated? If you haven't yet, we will have to continue this in a Support ticket to look into this issue further. Please be sure to provide your launcher_log.txt file to the Support ticket as that will help our teams take a better look into this issue. This article can help you with finding the file.

We have been experiencing a high volume of contacts, so it can take longer than usual to get a response back. Rest assured, our teams will send a reply back to your Support ticket as soon as possible.

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