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I have sent it on the 3rd of January and it says it can take up to 48 hours between replies each reply i have got has been like 5 days minimum I would really like to play the game and have been waiting on another case which was sent on the 26 and i havent gotten a reply since the 29th im getting fed up and very impatient could have walked to the headquarters and done it myself by now its such an easy fix too I just dont understand what is so difficult and so time consuming about it. Plus why do you have to do 5 day intervals surely its better to just finish one case at a time instead doing them bit by bit like your doing a essay. I also bought the battle pass on console before moving over to pc and i would like to have not wasted my money on nothing. I check for a message back every half hour hoping that i got one but no you got a support team full of sloths

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Hey @AliveKnave7892

As this appears to relate to Rainbow Six: Siege, not Rainbow Six: Extraction I've moved your thread.

Battle Passes should be available across all platforms once purchased as noted in our guide here, but if you do have issues, opening a case is the best thing to do.

We are however, experiencing much higher than usual contact volumes across all of our platforms, as such, the 48hrs / 5 day estimate isn't exact, we're unable to provide an exact time frame for a response.

A lot of other players are in the same boat and we're working on getting back to players as soon as we can.

We kindly ask for your patience at this time and please be aware posting on the forums will not result in a faster response.

Thank you for your understanding.

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