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I continue to see the error: Failed to Synchronize Data for Cross-Platform. Please try again later.

I bought this game to play with some of my friends, but I run into this error no matter what I do. I've made sure it's allowed through all firewalls, verified files through steam, reinstalled to make sure I had all the needed files, restarted my computer, even my router. No luck.

Has anyone run into this or might know where to go to fix it? I can't find an answer anywhere.


11 months ago - Ubi-oof - Direct link

Hello everyone, sorry I'm late to the thread! I went ahead and got this issue reported to get the ball rolling and I would like to help everyone further if I can. To clarify, this is separate from the issue described in this thread but can sound the same.

If you are currently receiving this "Failed to Synchronize Data for Cross-Platform" error and are unable to play because of it, please take the time to proceed with these tips:

After those are completed if this still occurs, please reply to this thread and let me know. For good measure please include with the following info:

  • Which platform/console are you experiencing this on?
  • Have you played on any different platforms/consoles previously?

Once received, I'll document these details along with your account info and include everything in the report on this issue! I appreciate your help with getting this properly investigated🐙

11 months ago - Ubi-oof - Direct link

@LordFaky Thank you for following up to let us know that this issue was fixed by linking your accounts! I appreciate you confirming that for us

11 months ago - Ubi-oof - Direct link

@Joemchale07 If you haven't yet, please make sure that your accounts are linked and then tackle the rest of the steps that I listed above. If this issue still happens after they're done, let me know and I'll get your account info added to the report. Thanks!

11 months ago - Ubi-oof - Direct link

@tristandass @buttasang I merged your thread with this topic since everyone had the same issue.
If you're still having this problem, please see my post above and work through the tips I provided. After they are done if this still happens, let me know🔥

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