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This is actually my third time in 3 days kicked/disconnected by the server when i was winning the game. First and second, when I was playing unranked and got disconnected by just 1 lap left to win and I was unable to reconnect again to the match. Today was my third time got disconneted when Im playing ranked match with my friend. The match just suddenly ended on the last lap and both of us got the abandon sanction. So this is my 24 hours abandon sanction and i got my booster active this time

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@averyll_ Hey there, and welcome to the forums! I am sorry this greeting could be on better terms and sorry for the problems you face during matches. This behavior is something our team is currently looking into. I see that you have reached out to our support team via support ticket, and I have ensured that the information shared has been added to their investigation. If you had a booster active during this situation, please make sure to update your support ticket with this information to look into this further with you.

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