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think she's too powerful in pro league but kinda mid in ranked, especially ranks below diamond
think these changes will make everyone happy

-the long awaited change of give her an integrally suppressed Ar instead of that stupid fmg9 (thinking mavs m4 or bucks c8 but with 2 less dmg per bullet)
-lose frags for breaching charges so she can play vertical
-move from 2 speed to 3 speed
-add gonn6
-change primary shotgun to integrally suppressed better pump (thinking m870)

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Hey there, @ICantReadOrRite ! Thank you so much for providing your feedback on Nokk. I'm sure the game team will be happy to see it! 😊

I did want to let you know that I've deleted your other topic about this, since repeating the same topic over multiple postings in our forums is considered spamming, as per our forum rules. I recommend taking a look at those rules to avoid getting any infractions. Thank you so much.