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So all in topic. Sometimes my game start feezing for 3-5 seconds. And it can start freeze from beggining or after I play some matches. Only turn off game and go in again help. And there is no packets loss when game start freeze.
And second promblem - sometimes game just throw out me from matches in menu between rounds. If I in unranked/ranked - I just can return in match. But if it quick match - I cant return - game just start new. Just end one round and before start new round sometimes I thrown out in menu.

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Hey there @UTouchMyTralala, I'm sorry to hear that you're having these issues with Siege and I would like to look into this further. I have a few steps for us to check off that will help and save us time as we proceed. Please start with these first:

  • Confirm that Siege and Ubisoft Connect are installed on the same drive as your OS
  • Unplug any non-essential peripherals (controllers, VR equipment, cameras, additional monitors, etc.)
  • End background process that may be conflicting via Task Manager (Overwolf, Razer/Synapse, Corsair, iCue, LGHub, etc.)
  • Every step in this FAQ article for good measure
  • All of the steps in this FAQ article as well

After everything above has been completed successfully if any of these problems still continue, please login to our website and create a new support case so that I can assist you further. To be thorough, I would also like to review your MSInfo and DxDiag system files to see if anything stands. If you don't mind, please locate and then attach those two system files to your support case for further review as well. If you would like to follow up in this thread, please let us know once the support case has been submitted, otherwise, an agent from our technical support team will be able to follow up with you directly and assist you further.

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